Filing Back Taxes

Help with Back Taxes

If you've been contacted by the Federal or State taxing authority about delinquent taxes and need to hire a tax attorney, contact Sandeep Singh at StoneBridge Counsel. Sandeep is a former IRS litigator so he has behind-the-scenes experience to expertly negotiate with the IRS to minimize penalties and interest. Sandeep has worked with a wide variety of businesses and individuals with serious back tax problems so he understands the stress and worry you're going through. He'll show you how to overcome your legal issues with the IRS and establish a payment plan like an installment agreement, create an Offer in Compromise, or identify another tax relief solution to settle your debt and put your tax problems to rest.

Filing Delinquent Tax Returns

Before you can set up a payment plan with the IRS you must file your back tax returns. So first, he'll put you in contact with a reputable CPA firm that will help you track down missing W-2 forms, 1099 forms, mortgage statements, bank statements, and any other paperwork required to prepare and file your back tax returns. Once you're up to date, Sandeep will use his expertise in IRS negotiations to find a fair and reasonable solution to paying off your tax debt.

San Francisco Tax Attorney

If you've fallen behind on your taxes for multiple years, you might be feeling uncertain about resolving the problem. But tax problems like this don't go away without a good tax attorney who knows how to deal with the IRS. Find out how Sandeep can help resolve your tax problems and minimize tax penalties and interest owed to the IRS.

Call tax attorney Sandeep Singh at 925-255-0121 now or request a consultation online to get started today.