Criminal Tax Defense

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Are you facing an investigation by the IRS that could turn into a criminal case? If you're indicted, tried, and found guilty you can face severe fines and prison time. To safeguard your finances and protect your rights, you must act quickly to get representation. Tax resolution firms are not qualified to put up a defense against criminal charges. Instead, you need to hire a qualified tax defense attorney like Sandeep Singh at StoneBridge Counsel. Sandeep is a former IRS litigator who focuses exclusively on tax law.

IRS Criminal Investigations

During an IRS investigation, special agents will often try to get information by confronting you at your workplace, home, or some other unexpected location. They may also raid your home or business, threaten to seize assets, and report their investigation to the media. If you've been contacted by an IRS Special Agent or have reason to believe that you're under investigation, Sandeep Singh is the tax defense attorney you want in your corner. Sandeep is known for his confidence and dedication in defending against criminal tax prosecutions and investigations including tax evasion, tax fraud, and willful failure to pay taxes. He has helped many individuals avoid an indictment and get stiff tax penalties reduced.

Criminal and Penalty Investigations for Tax Return Preparers

The IRS makes a concerted effort to go after tax return preparers like CPAs, accountants, and other professionals who they suspect to have willingly or negligently made false statements on tax returns. The goal of the IRS is to prove tax fraud by showing that the tax preparer intentionally, or negligently prepared the return incorrectly. They will often build their case by pumping the tax preparer's clients for information. If you're a tax preparer whose clients have been targeted by the IRS, you're under investigation and need help to avoid penalties and criminal prosecution. Don't delay, contact Sandeep Singh for tax defense now.

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