Penalty Abatement

San Francisco penalty abatement services

Failing to file your taxes or paying taxes late can incur costly and frustrating tax penalties. But, when a persuasive tax attorney like Sandeep Singh negotiates on behalf of a taxpayer, the IRS will sometimes agree to an abatement of these penalties. Sandeep is a highly experienced tax litigator with a long history of securing penalty abatement for qualified U.S. taxpayers. He can tell you if your case qualifies for penalty abatement and will do everything he can to get you a fair and legal resolution to your tax problems.

Qualifying for Tax Penalty Abatement

To qualify for penalty abatement, a taxpayer has to meet certain criteria and offer an acceptable reason for failing to pay their taxes or paying their taxes late. The taxpayer must submit evidence to support their claim and convince the IRS that their situation qualifies in order to benefit from this provision. The reasons for penalty abatement according to current IRS guidelines include:

  • Reliance on a tax professional
  • Ignorance of tax law
  • Medical illness (personal or a family member)
  • Natural disasters
  • Significant financial hardship
  • Death in the family

First-Time IRS Tax Penalty Abatement

First-time non-compliant taxpayers can request penalty abatement (FTA). This request applies to certain kinds of penalties in a single tax period but could end up saving  taxpayers considerable money in penalty fees. Individuals can request a FTA for failure to file or failure to pay penalties and businesses can also request it for failing to file payroll taxes. Of course, the IRS does not forgive these penalties easily. In order to qualify, the taxpayer must file their late taxes or have filed a valid extension. They also must have a three-year clean penalty history. If the IRS concludes that the taxpayer has demonstrated payment compliance, they may accept the request and abate the penalties.

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