Tax Litigation Services

tax litigation services

At StoneBridge Counsel, the goal is to resolve tax controversies quickly and fairly. Sometimes a pre-trial agreement is possible and sometimes tax disputes go to court. To get the best possible solution to your tax problems no matter what legal steps are needed, Sandeep Singh is the attorney you want on your team. As a highly experienced tax attorney and former IRS litigator with a stellar reputation in the San Francisco area, Sandeep brings a level of insight to the table that most lawyers cannot. He has the skills to negotiate favorable settlements during pre-trial and formulate winning strategies for court in order to get the best outcome possible for every client.

Sandeep has represented many types of parties in tax litigation including high net worth individuals, public and private companies, corporations, and partnerships. His record includes both civil and criminal tax cases and he has negotiated settlements with IRS attorneys in tax court as well as the Office of Appeals, U.S. District Courts, and the Court of Federal Claims.

Tax Representation and Litigation

When you work with StoneBridge Counsel, you can be confident that you'll receive personalized representation and litigation services tailored to your particular case. From evaluating the initial tax dispute through settlement negotiations, court, and appeals, Sandeep will be with you throughout each step of the process. You can count on him to provide reliable legal advice and representation aimed at putting your tax problems to an end. StoneBridge Counsel offers representation and tax litigation services for: