Audit Representation

Tax Audit Help San Francisco

When dealing with an audit, you need legal representation from a tax attorney who has the skill and expertise to go up against the IRS. The IRS is tenacious when it comes to business and high net worth audits and will work every angle to try and collect as much in taxes as possible. Don't face the IRS unprepared. Enlist the help of a tax attorney who knows all of Internal Revenue Service's inside procedures. As a former IRS litigation attorney, Sandeep has seen the IRS at work in these cases and can use his knowledge and experience to give you the edge you need. He'll fight hard to make sure you get fair representation and the best possible outcome for your case.

Tax Court Representation

Not all attorneys are qualified to represent you in tax court. Some may dabble in tax resolution but don't have the background and expertise to successfully navigate your particular case. But Sandeep has been on both sides of tax problem resolution with an emphasis on IRS audit and Tax Court representation. He's helped countless individual taxpayers and businesses get through an IRS audit and he can do the same for you.

IRS and CA State Audits

If you or your business is in legal trouble with the IRS or state and you fear going to court, turn to Sandeep Singh. When you hire him for representation and litigation services, he'll be by your side throughout the process to answer questions and find a fair resolution to your tax problems. He assists clients with both IRS audits, Franchise Tax Board, and California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) audits.

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